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Covid Gets Through Queen’s Protective “Bubble”

This Sunday, February 21, 2022, news was released that Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for the coronavirus. The Queen had a meeting with her eldest son on February 8th before he tested positive on February 10th. Queen Elizabeth is said to be carrying out light duties at this time such as signing off on documents from the British parliament while experiencing minor covid symptoms.

Queen Elizabeth II received the news that she was positive for the coronavirus just 2 months before her 96th birthday. The royal family has always been very private about health information. All that has been released relating to the Queen’s health is that she has mild symptoms and is being monitored. She received her first dose of the covid vaccine back in January 2021 and it is assumed that she has kept up with all her vaccinations.

It seems that the royal family is trying to put on a smile and to communicate that “all is well”, with the Queen sending a congratulatory message to the British Olympians. English journalist, Omid Scobie says, “Can’t help but feel that relaxing the Covid-safe bubble around the Queen has led to today’s news.”

Testing For The Coronavirus Is Still Important

Even with some of the highest levels of health precautions and safety measures, the Queen still tested positive. It goes to show that we can’t let our guard down and we highly recommend you be proactive with your own health care. Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing suggests weekly or bi-weekly covid testing for you, your family, and/or your business. Covid testing is free with insurance and we can have you in and out quickly. It is definitely worth your peace of mind.

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Learn more about Covid-19 and its variants on our page and on the CDC’s site.