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Onsite Audiogram Testing in Utah

Did you know that hearing loss can pose a significant risk in the workplace, not unlike substance abuse or breaches in safety protocols? This threat is especially pervasive if your business has noisy work environments or your employees are subjected to potential threats to their hearing. 

In Utah, onsite audiogram testing from Butterfield Testing Solutions (BTS) is a responsive and affordable solution to this problem. In addition to both on-site hearing tests, we can also assist your company with the development of a comprehensive hearing conservation plan. 

BODT is a full-service provider of workplace safety testing, ranging from onsite drug, alcohol, and COVID-19 testing to training, education and administration services. 

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Why Conduct Onsite Hearing Tests 

Many companies fall under the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for occupational noise exposure. Businesses the fall within these standards must follow specified protocols for hearing conservation. This includes regular monitoring and audiometric testing. 

Even if you don’t fall within the OSHA standard threshold, any company with a noisy working environment should consider protecting its employees with a hearing conservation program. If you provide hearing protection for employees, a pre-employment audiogram protects both your company and the employee. 

Not only will this approach provide the best outcomes for your employees, but audiometry testing onsite is the best way to reduce productivity loss. Sending employees out for testing takes them away from the worksite and puts them at unnecessary risk. With our convenient onsite hearing tests in Utah, we bring a full-service experience to you. 

Options for On-Site Audiometry & Audiograms in Utah 

An audiogram is a simple, 10-minute test that is performed using our state-of-the-art equipment and audiometry software. A highly trained audiogram technician explains the process, collects some basic information regarding the subject’s hearing, and administers the hearing test. Finally, the audiologist discusses the test results with the subject and advises them regarding the ways they can protect and conserve their hearing. 

The Butterfield Testing Solutions team of audiogram experts can provide Utah audiometry testing at your location, wherever you might be located. For annual hearing testing, pre-employment hearing testing, and even single audiometry tests, on-site audiograms simply make good sense. 

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Utah’s Audiometry Experts 

Butterfield Testing Solutions has almost two decades of experience – and we put that in-depth knowledge and expertise to work for you. Our professional audiologists understand the importance of establishing a baseline for each employee and tracking the status of their hearing from year to year. 

We work closely with you to identify any potential problems and address them through the development and adoption of strong hearing safety programs and protocols. 

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