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Random Program Management

Random drug testing is the best tool employers have in their toolbox for deterring drug and alcohol use. Butterfield’s TPA Random Program Management can help you keep your workplace drug-free.

What Is A Random Drug Testing Program?

A random drug testing program is a formulation that allows a company to drug test its employees at random. First, the program is solid when the computer generates a random selection process specifically designed for drug testing. And second, an equal probability of selection occurs for any employee out of a group of employees.  This gives an equal probability that any employee from a group of employees will be selected for a test.

Typically, a third-party administrator selects these employees.  Additionally, the random testing is done on a monthly or quarterly basis, although some companies conduct testing weekly.  Coupled with awareness training, random testing is hands down the best way to lower or deter drug use in the workplace.

If you are a company that only conducts pre-employment and post-incident testing, consider a random testing program. All things considered, it is a stronger deterrent to drug users.  To create a drug-free workspace, consider a random drug testing program. 

New employee sign his urine drug test vial for Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing.

Why You Should Have a Random Drug Testing Program

There are many benefits to our random program management for both employer and employee.  Notably, reducing employee healthcare costs, improving morale, productivity, and performance is a huge payoff. 

Drug and alcohol abuse manifests itself in many forms.  Absenteeism, accidents, downtime, turnover, and theft, all of which are costing employers money.

When employees know that their employer is serious about safety and especially their well-being, they usually comply. Better choices are made especially when facing outside influences that could jeopardize their job.

To avoid employees disputing the random nature of the draw, use a third party to generate random lists. We live in a litigious society, so using a third-party administrator can bring both the employee and employer peace of mind. 

Surprisingly, what many employers don’t consider is the compassionate benefit for employees and their families. Random drug testing can help identify workers with substance abuse issues and therefore help establish proper treatment plans.  It is important to realize that we all have a responsibility to our communities. In other words, random drug testing is a great way for an employer to invest in people.

In essence, if the DOT is regulating your company, BODT can help you navigate the DOT regulations and requirements. We definitely have your back with our random program management. 

Get Started On Creating A Random Drug Testing Program With Us Today

Take these steps to help your company benefit from a random drug testing program:

  • Call us immediately if you qualify to be under the DOT regulations.
  • Send your drug & alcohol testing policy to BODT.
  • Contact Butterfield Testing Solutions to discuss your specific needs within your company. If your testing is not DOT regulated, we will guide you through what type of drugs to test for and how often you should be testing. 
  • As your TPA, we will set up your lab account with the appropriate lab panel, order supplies, and get you set up.
  • Provide an active list of employees.
  • BODT will upload that active list and then select the appropriate number of tests.
  • Schedule the sample collections through BODT.
  • Receive your results via email within 24-48 hours or instantly if that service is chosen.

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