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FMCSA Clearing House

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Butterfield Testing Solutions can help navigate the ins and outs of the FMCSA’s ClearingHouse database.

 What Is FMCSA ClearingHouse?

The FMCSA ClearingHouse is a national database.  It provides the FMCSA and employers with valuable information regarding drug and alcohol violations. Service agents report violations to the ClearingHouse as soon as possible.  This allows employers to immediately identify drivers with violations.  Consequently, these violations could prohibit them from operating a CMV. 

The FMCSA requires drivers with violations to receive an evaluation and treatment through a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).  The ClearingHouse stores that information to ensure program requirements are met.  Once met the driver may operate a CMV on public roads. Participation in the ClearingHouse is mandatory to stay in compliance with the DOT.

FMCSA ClearingHouse Requirements For Owner Operators

The FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, effective January 6, 2020, is a valuable rule. All motor carriers under DOT regulations are affected to ensure FMCSA compliance.

Part 382.727 holds service agents accountable. Furthermore, any violation of a provision of this subpart is subject to the civil and/or criminal penalty provisions of 49 U.S.C. 521(b)(2)(C).

Butterfield Testing Solutions will assist you with your responsibilities and compliance with the FMCSA ClearingHouse rules and regulations.

Some FMCSA ClearingHouse Requirements To Know

  • First, register as an employer in the FMCSA ClearingHouse and designate Butterfield Testing Solutions as your C/TPA. C/TPA is the acronym for Consortium/Third Party Administrator.
  • Second, add your driver information to your employer registration including your CDL#.
  • As an employer, purchase two query credits in the ClearingHouse and they are $1.25 each.
  • If your business is new, you must consent to a query, after which BODT will run a query on you for a drug and alcohol violation history. 
  • Should you test positive or refuse to test at any time, the MRO will report that event to the ClearingHouse.
  • As your C/TPA, Butterfield Testing Solutions is required to report any drug testing violation. Additionally, any alcohol positive (greater than 0.04) must be reported as well.  Moreover, any actual knowledge of drug and/or alcohol use while performing safety-sensitive duties will also be reported. 
  • Following a violation, it is a requirement that you visit a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Afterward, your C/TPA, Butterfield Testing Solutions, is required to report a negative “return to duty” test under direct observation. Additionally, all follow-up testing and the completion of any follow-up testing that is deemed required will be reported

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