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Our Story

Butterfield Testing Solutions is a certified (WBE) woman-owned business in Sherwood, OR, USA. During her time as a young mother, Tracie Butterfield founded the company in 2003. 

To begin with, starting a company is not easy and originally was slated as extra income for her family. Tracie registered the company as  “Oregon Onsite Drug Testing .”  After dedicating her time and effort toward expansion, she realized a name change was mandatory to reflect service outside of  Oregon. 

A network covering the entire U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska, was achieved, and Tracie’s entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever.  Tracie is excited about serving customers nationwide and, most importantly, cherishes the friendships she’s cultivating along the way.

Today, the Butterfield Testing Solutions team provides numerous services to those dedicated to safety and a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Butterfield Testing Solutions is an affordable, and reliable option for administrative services, onsite collections, and several other services. 

Tracie is so proud of her team because they are hard-working, organized, and efficient.  Not to mention the fact that they know when to pivot when necessary. (Hello, COVID-19 Pandemic)

Butterfield Testing Solutions gets the job done.  We’re here, there, and anywhere else our clients need us to be.

Tracie Butterfield the founder of Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing

Tracie Butterfield

A collector from Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing collects a urine sample for a urine drug test.

Our Mission

We desire to inspire others to share in our commitment to drug-free workplaces, schools, and communities.

Setting high standards of no tolerance within our workplaces and schools will improve the quality of life around us.

We will begin to see positive change when we are accountable and hold others accountable.  All while treating them with the respect they deserve.

The vision of a cleaner, more socially responsible society helps motivate us. Our mission is achieved by reaching as many individuals and companies as we can. Butterfield seeks to educate them on implementing drug & alcohol testing programs. All so we can empower and help them reach excellence in their professions.

Our Values: What Makes Butterfield, Butterfield

We believe our strength is in our core values. First, building trust and putting people first. Second, possessing character and acting with integrity. Third, committing to excellence and high standards. Fourth, continuing education within our industry. And finally fifth, educating others to best serve them.

Butterfield Testing Solutions is constantly striving for growth and improvement within ourselves and our company. We have fun in our work and we appreciate each and every person we are privileged to work with.