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Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

As a nation, we are experiencing unprecedented support for the legalization of not just marijuana but other drugs as well. Now more than ever, reasonable suspicion supervisor training is needed.

What Is Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training?

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training teaches how to notice impairment and then act on it.  Furthermore, it proves the best way to handle sensitive situations.  When an employee is impaired, tact is key.

Our in-person training is ideal for recall. Being ENGAGED is the key! For this reason, we combine the class with questions and group discussions.  Then we get them on their feet for drunk goggle activities. 

Class participants LOVE the action because it brings a bit of fun that they were not expecting. We offer this training via video chat as well, doing our best to keep class participants engaged.

Why Do Training?

Situations that involve impairment on the job can be intimidating. This class allows your team space to get comfortable with the process.  It is rare but the situation comes up. 

When a supervisor faces a reasonable suspicion situation, stay calm!  Furthermore, a safety audit of the potential risk is crucial.  Determine between prompt removal for safety as opposed to waiting to assess the situation.

This class gives your supervisors the tools they need to confidently engage in the process.  Recognize impairment and legal documentation. Avoid the complexities related to employee privacy. 

The supervisor sets the tone and the precedent for what is tolerated.  Employee safety is of the utmost importance too.  After that, overall business viability matters deeply. 

Our LIVE Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training meets DOT requirements.  Stay up to date with training regulations and requirements on the DOT’s site.

The purpose of the training is to enable supervisors to rule whether reasonable suspicion exists. Thus requiring an employee to undergo testing is describes here.

Many training classes like this are dull.  Butterfield Testing Solutions’ training is quite the opposite.  Give us a call today to learn the difference in the quality of LIVE training over online recorded training. 

Essentials To Know About Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training


  • 49 CFR 382.603 is the applicable regulatory requirement of supervisors.  60 minutes of training on the symptoms of alcohol abuse and 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of controlled substance use.

The purpose of this training is important. Teaching supervisors to identify impairment that creates reasonable suspicion of drug or alcohol.   This supports the referral of the employee to testing.

  • The DOT requires Supervisor Training if you operate vehicles that require a CDL on public roads.  Having one or more employees in your company is also a factor. Click the link to verify if you are subject to the drug and alcohol regulations.
  • Owner-operators are not subject to DOT supervisor training. However, you are still required to register with a consortium for DOT drug and alcohol testing.
  • Employers need to ensure that the required content is made available to all supervisors. Follow the link for more information and other resources.
  • There is no requirement to use a certain company soliciting your business.  You choose what is best for your company.

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