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Drug And Alcohol Background Checks

Butterfield Testing Solutions offers customizable drug and alcohol background checks.

We have the best screening proficiency and a thorough extensive verification process. Consequently, you can feel confident in the results you get.

The Rising Need For Background Checks For Employers

Over 85% of employers report misrepresentations on a resume or job application. Therefore background checks are more important than ever. Sometimes background screening uncovers data that might not otherwise be captured. For that reason,  background checks should be a part of your hiring process.

A potential employee can expose your company to business and security risks. For that reason, background screening is extremely valuable. The average turnaround time for a background check is 1.21 days and our services are very cost-effective.

Drug And Alcohol Background Checks: They Just Make Sense

Sometimes it can be risky business to bring a new person into your organization. Therefore, establishing if a candidate has a criminal record is essential. While the crime may or may not be relevant, having all the facts allows you to make an informed decision.

You can use the results of a criminal background check to assess the potential candidate’s position. Additionally, this helps evaluate the level of responsibility, exposure to assets, or customers that you are comfortable with.  

Protecting Your Business Is Easy With Employee Screening

Conducting a criminal history search can lessen the potential for employee problems on the job. Also, a background check can help avoid or defend potential negligent hiring lawsuits.

Other Important Benefits Of Conducting Background Checks Include:

Safeguarding the reputation of your organization

Cultivating trust among current employees

Identifying potentially risky candidates

Protecting assets

TPA. Hand with magnifying glass chooses candidate from group, employee selection, recruitment team hiring workers.

Contact Butterfield Testing Solutions to discuss the needs of your organization and we will work with you to customize a program just right for you.

We Have The Right Background Check For You


 Criminal Records

    • National criminal multi-jurisdictional, Real-time County, Statewide, Federal Court Searches + Sex Offender, and warrants.

Drug & Alcohol Previous Employer Records

    • Be aware of previous drug & alcohol violations.

Civil Records

    • Federal & County Civil Court Records Include: bankruptcy, judgments, suits, claims, liens & foreclosures.

Identity Checks

    • Verify Social Security Number with names, aliases, date of birth, and address history.
      • Is the candidate who he or she says they are?
      • This can be the foundational part of a more comprehensive background check, providing essential information needed to move forward.

Verifications: Employment Screening

    • Employment history, education history, professional license, personal & professional references checks.
    • In the United States, as part of onboarding a new employee, you must ensure that all required paperwork is properly completed and submitted.
    • I-9 & E-Verify.

Driver History

    • MVR Reports provide license class, status, accident history, and citations,+ CDLIS, PSP Reports available. 

Watch-list & Sanctions

    • FBI Most Wanted & Terrorist Watch List, Federal, State, & Local Wanted Fugitives, Federal & International Sanction Lists.

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