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Butterfield Testing Services in Wenatchee, WA

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we know how essential it is to have a safe and secure work environment. That’s why our top-tier drug and workplace safety testing services are designed with expert accuracy and reliability in mind – helping Wenatchee employers create the kind of productivity they need for success. With cutting edge technology at their fingertips, businesses can trust that all of the testing solutions they’re looking for will be conducted properly every time!

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we’ve been dedicated to workplace safety and health for over 18 years. We understand that no two companies are alike which is why our services provide you with uniquely-tailored and customizable solutions that are designed specifically around your organization’s individual needs to help create and promote a safe space of work for everyone!

Here at Butterfield Testing Solutions, we are committed to keeping the workplaces of Wenatchee and the surrounding areas as safe as they can possibly be. Our technology is on the cutting-edge of accurate and efficient drug and workplace safety testing solutions – providing you with reliable results from urine drug tests to hair tests quickly so that your workplace can get on the path to staying safe and healthy without any delays. You can rely on us as experts in guaranteeing your workplace’s safety!

What sets Butterfield apart?

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand that the core values our team has embraced have been essential in unlocking success. We focus on fostering trust and appreciation for each other, upholding character with integrity at all times, exceeding expectations of excellence through continuous learning within our industry and inspiring others to strive towards their goals. Through this collective journey together as a strong unit fueled by respect, there is no limit to what can be accomplished!

When it comes to the team at Butterfield Testing Solutions, workplace safety is our top priority. Our highly-trained technicians are certified in state regulations and use only fully-calibrated equipment to ensure unmatched accuracy and reliability. No detail goes overlooked when it comes to making sure you’re able to have the peace of mind that you’re looking for knowing that your business follows all necessary protocols. We’ll guide you through every step of the way to make sure every process goes as smoothly as it can to ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy!

It’s important to not leave anything to chance when it comes to workplace safety. We understand the importance of comprehensive drug and workplace testing services, which is why our experienced team offers personalized solutions tailored just for you and your Wenatchee business! Let us provide peace-of-mind results – contact us today with any questions about how we can deliver a solution that meets your needs promptly.