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Butterfield Testing Services in Washington

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand the importance of creating a secure environment for employees in Washington. Our team works to equip businesses with specialized experts and cutting edge technology so they can ensure their workplace is safe and productive. With our services, your company will be thriving knowing that everyone on staff has an optimized atmosphere where they feel supported!

Butterfield Testing Solutions has been a leader in workplace safety and health for 18+ years, proudly providing customized solutions to suit the specific needs of any company. Our services allow you to assess any dangers that may arise from within your company and show you what you need to do going forward. With our testing services, you can guarantee employees peace of mind with an environment free from hazardous risks – delivering true value to all who work there!

Let us take away the guesswork and provide you with reliable results to keep your workplace safe. From hair testing to urine testing, our comprehensive drug/workplace safety testing solutions give employers and employees in Washington a sense of security – fast facts that bring peace of mind. Have confidence, knowing our accurate tests will answer all questions for worry-free working conditions today!

What sets Butterfield apart?

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand that our core values are essential to achieving success. We strive every day to nurture trust and respect among ourselves while upholding the highest standards of integrity and excellence in everything that we do. It is also a priority for us to ensure continuous learning so everyone can reach their full potential – all as part of an enjoyable journey taken together!

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we are passionate about providing employers in Washington with a testing solution that is fast and dependable. Our friendly crew of certified technicians will ensure your results meet all the state regulations when it comes to safety and drug tests – plus our equipment has been double-checked for maximum accuracy so you can trust that what you get back is totally trustworthy!

Keep your business moving forward and reach success in this ever-evolving workplace by ensuring a safe, drug-free environment. Our team offers comprehensive safety services to provide the extra security you need for peace of mind—from efficient on-site testing and risk assessment measures to preventive strategies that prevent future issues from arising. Protect your staff today with our reliable solutions – contact us now!