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Butterfield Testing Services in Tucson, AZ

Butterfield Testing Solutions is dedicated to helping Tucson businesses keep their workspaces safe. Our team of specialists, combined with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive testing solutions, mean your company’s security will never be in question and ensure that healthy and productive employees can help make your business thrive.

With 18 years of experience, Butterfield Testing Solutions has helped transform Tucson workplaces into safe havens. Our expert team provides tailored testing services to identify and tackle any hidden hazards, making sure each organization is thoroughly protected from danger. We are passionate about providing the perfect solution for our clients and no challenge remains unsolved!

Erase the worries of safety testing – let us be your guide! With our comprehensive and reliable drug and workplace safety solutions, Tucson employers and employees can gain access to quick results that bring them peace-of-mind. Whether it’s hair or urine testing you need, we provide fast facts so there is no more guesswork required for sound decision making. Let us secure your safety by providing answers with confidence today!

What sets Butterfield apart?

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we recognize that having a strong base is integral to success. We foster trust and prioritize our people while maintaining the highest level of integrity in everything we do. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through high expectations for all projects as well as an ongoing dedication to industry knowledge so that no opportunities slip away from us! Sharing wisdom with others helps them reach their ambitions – just like it builds meaningful connections between us at work too – creating a positive atmosphere predicated on mutual respect!

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand Tucson employers and are committed to providing a top-notch testing experience. Our technicians have the necessary qualifications for drug and workplace safety tests in accordance with state regulations – all while being respectful of your time. Plus, our regularly calibrated equipment ensures you get accurate results every time!

In today’s unpredictable workplace, safeguarding your success is key. Our team can help you ensure a safe and drug-free environment through comprehensive safety services – including onsite testing to prevent risks from developing in the first place! With our services, you can get fast and reliable results that put your company’s safety at the forefront of everything else. Get in touch with us now for an extra layer of protection that will secure your future and the future of all your employees.