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Butterfield Testing Services in Maui, HI

Butterfield Testing Solutions is devoted to ensuring that all businesses on Maui can maintain a secure environment for their employees. We provide dedicated specialists, innovative technology and comprehensive testing solutions so you never have to question the safety of your workplace. With our services in place, companies will thrive with healthier and more productive staff!

Butterfield Testing Solutions has been at the forefront of workplace safety and health for over 18 years, proudly offering customizable testing services to ensure that every organization is safeguarded against potential hazards. Our comprehensive onsite solutions are designed with your individual needs in mind – letting you rest easy knowing a safe environment has taken root within your business!

Let us be your guide to a worry-free workplace! Maui employers and employees can trust our comprehensive drug/workplace safety testing solutions for accurate, reliable results. No more guesswork required – from hair testing to urine testing, we bring your company fast facts that bring peace of mind with every test. Gain confidence in the security of staff today: let us provide answers you can count on!

What sets Butterfield apart?

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand that maintaining a solid foundation of core values is key to our success. We stand together as an united team and are passionate about embodying the five principles that guide us: nurturing trust in one another and valuing everyone’s contribution; consistently upholding integrity at all times; striving for excellence with each endeavor; staying current on industry trends through continuous learning efforts ;and helping others reach their full potential by teaching them valuable skill sets. In doing so, our relationships become even deeper – based on respect!

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, our top-notch technicians go above and beyond for Maui employers. We provide the quickest testing solutions that adhere to state regulations with accuracy you can rely on; all of our gear is meticulously calibrated so results are always precise. Plus, we make sure your experience will be both professional and pleasant!

Protect your company and its potential by ensuring a safe, drug-free environment. Our team offers reliable safety services that can provide you with the extra security needed to safeguard success in today’s ever changing workplace. From onsite testing for quick results to preventive measures against future risks, our specialized solutions will give you peace of mind and ensure the protection of all employees – now is the time to get in touch!