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Covid-19 Testing

Butterfield Testing Solutions is here during the pandemic to help your business stay safe.

Onsite Testing

We offer a wide variety of testing methods to fit any need or situation. Let us come to you.

Administrative Services

Let us handle the hassle of record-keeping with our Third-Party Administrative services.

Training and Education

We offer live onsite training for reasonable suspicion, workplace safety, and more.

We Are Butterfield Testing Solutions


Drug testing is essential for a drug-free workplace.

Types of Drug Testing That We Offer

  • Urine Drug Testing
  • Oral Fluid Drug Testing
  • Hair Drug Testing
  • Fingernail Drug Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Touch Alcohol Testing 

Butterfield Testing Has Solutions

Whether you are new to drug testing or seeking a change of provider, Butterfield Testing Solutions can help. For over 18 years we have been providing a growing number of services to support client efforts in workplace safety, compliance, and personal health. We recognize that every company is different, so we customize our services to meet their individual needs. We believe that with our onsite testing we can help your company have a drug-free workplace.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing a drug testing panel, the method of collection, and how to align the frequency of testing with your company’s needs. We spend time getting to know you and your company to flush out the important information needed when we set up your account.

It Helps Us To Know Things Like:

  • If not under the constraints of a union or the DOT, what’s your company’s culture and your stance on testing for THC?

  • Are you regulated by the Federal Government and if so, what regulatory mode, ie. FMCSA, PHMSA, FAA, FRA, USCG?

  • Are you held accountable by a Union and is there a required drug panel?

  • Do you have a Health & Wellness or Drug Testing policy?

  • Do you employ people in safety-sensitive positions?

  • What is the main goal of your program?

Butterfield Testing Solutions Listens To Your Needs

Many companies aren’t versed in what they are looking for with a drug-testing program. We provide the guidance to help curate a drug-testing program that’s just right for you. We will help you understand the different methods of testing and assist you in choosing the appropriate methods if you aren’t conducting regulated testing.

In addition to onsite drug testing, we also offer onsite alcohol testing in Oregon. This includes breath alcohol testing as well as the newest, most innovative technology, touch alcohol testing. Contact us now to learn more about how you can benefit from adding onsite touch alcohol testing at your facility. 

Touch-Based Testing with SOBRsafe

SOBR Safe Device


“I absolutely love working with Butterfield Testing Solutions!  They have the customer service feel of a family owned company, but the capacity to serve large clients which is a rare combination.  Whether it’s reacting to an emergency or scheduling large scale collections, BODT has never let me down!”


Kerr Contractors

“Some businesses say, “customer service comes first.” Well Butterfield Testing Solutions takes that to a whole new level.

Every experience had been outstandingly professional. From drug testing to training supervisors. If your business needs such services than you can’t go wrong with Butterfield Testing Solutions. Tracie and her staff are second to none to work with.”


Neiman Enterprises

“Butterfield Testing Solutions is a dependable, adaptable, and convenient service to keep us in compliance with our drug-free workplace program. From late-night drug testing for our swing shift to early morning new hire orientation drug testing- I always know I can count on BODT to get the job done. Butterfield Testing Solutions is a high-performing friendly team that we always look forward to working with.”


Arctic Sheet Metal

“Butterfield is our go-to team for drug screen collections whether we’ve set up a long-term onsite collections facility, need an emergency collection at the hospital, or to test an entire job site at once. 

They have handled surprise random testing of over 1000 workers in one day for Hoffman, and have accommodated us holding a next day site-wide random test with very little lead time to prepare.

The staff are knowledgeable, have great rapport with the workers, get the paperwork and collections done correctly the first time, and are very flexible.”


Hoffman Construction

“Butterfield Testing Solutions is an extremely well organized and skilled company. They consistently oblige us on any last-minute requests and never miss a beat on getting results back to us in a timely manner. Their accomplished and dedicated staff are always a joy to work with.”


Charter Mechanical

“Butterfield Testing Solutions is great to work with!  The testers are here at the scheduled time ready to get going and very personable and knowledgeable.  We love that the testing process is very quick and easy, which allows it to not impact manufacturing.

Also, it is nice that they will come onsite at all hours of the day and night, allowing us to test off-shifts like grave shift before they start work.  BTS has a great process that is flexible and they are very easy to work with.  Working with BTS has been a good choice for helping to keep our business safe and running efficiently.”


Key Knife, Inc.

“Butterfield Testing Solutions has been amazing to work with over the past eight years.  They have been flexible and more than accommodating to fit our ever-changing schedule.  The personable staff is always on time, prepared, knowledgeable, and above all professional.  Results are accurate, immediate, and confidential.  If a drug-free workplace is your goal, BTS is the company to call.”


Sherwood School District

“We have used Butterfield Testing Solutions for many years and can always rely on the crew to be professional and always on time. The drug testers are very capable and have handled up to a hundred people within a 2 hour period per day. They are friendly, courteous, willing to follow directions, and remain calm when there’s a difficult situation at hand.”

Roi Jean

Hoffman Construction

“In 2015 we were starting a big job and were in need of a solution for drug testing a large number of people in a short period of time.  I did some research and found Butterfield Testing Solutions.  I gave them a call and was greeted by the owner, Tracie, who immediately made me feel at ease with her knowledge and very positive demeanor. 

We quickly decided to use Butterfield Testing Solutions, and our relationship continues to this day.  They are very easy to work with, and whenever there are questions or issues, they are answered or resolved quickly.  The customer service at Butterfield Testing Solutions is top-notch!  I would strongly recommend them if you are in need of drug testing services!”


BMWC Constructors, Inc.