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Touch Alcohol Testing

Did you know that you can add onsite alcohol testing at your facility, based solely on touch? Touch-based alcohol detection technology is as effective and reliable as other methods of testing, while being faster, more responsive and less invasive.   

Butterfield Testing Solutions (BTS) is proud to offer onsite touch alcohol testing in Oregon, Utah and Arizona, using the innovative SOBRsafe™ screening platform. SOBRsafe™ detects and reports any trace of alcohol in seconds, allowing you to respond in an immediate and proactive manner. 

Why Use Touch-Based Alcohol Detection?

Traditionally, employers had limited options for conducting alcohol testing onsite. In fact, accurate, reliable testing often required sending employees to an offsite testing facility. Otherwise, the only alternative was breath alcohol testing (BAT) using an EBT device.  

Tough-based alcohol detection has revolutionized the industry, allowing for instant onsite testing with immediate results. The SOBRsafe system remains at your facility permanently and does not require a technician to operate it.  

Today, many employers are also conducting random, unannounced alcohol testing, to help create a culture of prevention. In fact, many employers test employees each time they clock in and out, including before and after lunch breaks.  

Although this protocol cannot replace DOT testing, SOBRsafe is ideal for organizations that employ drivers, machine operators or others in safety-sensitive positions. It is also ideal for organizations where employees have ready access to alcohol in the course of the work day.  

Benefits of Onsite Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing in itself provides a myriad of benefits. It helps keep costs down by reducing accidents, absenteeism and lost productivity. It can also help keep your business insurance premiums as low as possible.  

Testing for drugs or alcohol use onsite provides multiple advantages, especially as compared to offsite testing. Although offsite alcohol testing may be right for some organizations, most employers find that onsite testing for alcohol is much more efficient and cost effective.  

The touch alcohol test takes literally just a few seconds – and results are presented immediately. At that point, an email is generated to an administrator who can then make the decision whether to order further testing via EBT, to establish legal status for breath alcohol content (BAT), whether for cause, reasonable suspicion or some other purpose. 


Choosing a Workplace Alcohol Testing Provider

As a leading provider of onsite drug testing in Oregon, BODT is proud to offer full-service onsite alcohol testing. In addition to touch alcohol testing, we also offer breath alcohol testing (BAT). Our team of knowledgeable testing experts can help you determine which testing strategies are right for your organization and your needs. We can work with your team to develop and curate a comprehensive testing plan as well as provide third-party administrator (TPA) services and even training and education programs. 

With more than two decades of experience, we are the industry-leading provider of offsite and onsite testing for drugs and alcohol as well as COVID-19. In addition, we offer DNA testing, audiograms, respirator fit testing and more. 

Contact us now to learn more about how to add onsite touch alcohol testing at your facility.