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Get Tested For Covid-19 By Butterfield Onsite Drug Testing


Covid-19 isn’t completely gone yet, and the Delta and Omicron variants have also made their way here. Fill the form below for testing. We currently offer testing in our clinic and onsite for businesses.

We offer, no out-of-pocket cost covid testing to the public. In order to provide this service, we require that each person show a valid state-issued ID and either a current insurance card or a valid social security number if no insurance is had. 

We’re here to help against the fight against the coronavirus. Learn more about coronavirus testing and the virus here.

We are a walk-in clinic. Come to our building for testing any time during business hours!

Women holding up a negative Covid-19 test.

Covid-19 Testing Information Request Form

Which symptoms have you been experiencing? If you are having an emergency contact EMS or call 911.

What type of test are you looking for? (Select all that apply)

Please bring proof of insurance and a valid photo ID (driver's license). If you don't have insurance please bring a valid photo ID and your Social Security card.

Are you setting up Covid Testing for your company? (If yes, we will contact you to complete set-up)