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Butterfield Testing Services in Seattle, WA

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we know how essential it is to provide a protected environment for employees in Seattle. Our team utilizes the latest technology and experienced specialists, guaranteeing that businesses have an atmosphere where everyone feels secure and productive. With our services enhancing your company’s workplace safety standards, you can rest assured knowing your workers are supported!

For 18+ years, Butterfield Testing Solutions has been a trusted partner in creating safe and healthy workplaces. We provide targeted solutions tailored to each company’s individual needs, helping employers spot potential dangers before they cause harm. Our testing services guarantee that employees can go to work knowing the environment is free from hazardous risks – providing real value for everyone who works there!

With our comprehensive drug/workplace safety testing solutions, employers and employees in Washington can be sure their workplace is safe. From hair tests to urine tests – we take away the guesswork so that you have reliable results quickly! Have confidence knowing that our accurate exams will provide peace of mind immediately for a worry-free workspace now and into the future!

What sets Butterfield apart?

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we are committed to creating an inspiring workplace. Our core values –trust, respect and integrity– form the foundation of our success as a team because they provide us with direction and motivation in everything we do. Furthermore, each day is dedicated to helping everyone reach their highest potential through continuous learning; together we can make this journey both rewarding and enjoyable!

At Butterfield Testing Solutions, we understand how vital it is for Seattle employers to get rapid and dependable testing results. This is why our technicians are certified professionals equipped with the most advanced equipment available — all regularly calibrated for maximum accuracy — so you can be confident of receiving accurate tests that comply with state regulations. Not only do they possess extraordinary expertise but also a warm demeanor, ready to serve your needs in an efficient yet personal way!

Don’t let the unpredictable workplace hinder your business’ progress – bolster security and ensure success with our comprehensive safety services! With efficient on-site testing, risk assessment measures, and preventive strategies to avoid future issues, we’ll keep your team secure so you can focus on what matters. Invest in a safe & drug-free environment today – get in touch now for reliable solutions that protect those who matter most.